Bhakra Beas Management Board

Bhakra Beas Management Board

Pong Power House

Pong Dam is a Earth Core Gravel Shell type and Power House is located in stilling basin down side of six penstocks each of 5.025 m dia. Installed capacity of this power house is 396 MW (6x66 MW).

Pong Power House


Type Of Dam Earth core gravel shell
Elevation at top of dam EL 435.86 m (1430 feet)
Catchment Area 12,560 Sq. Kms (4850 Sq.Miles)
Maximum Reservoir level EL 433.12 m (EL 1421 feet)
Gross storage capacity  8570 million cum (6.95 million acre feet)
Live storage capacity  7290 million cum(5.91 million acre ft)

River Outlet (Agriculture)

No. of outlets 4 (Two in each tunnel)
Type of gates Slide Gates
Max. discharge through each Gate 253 cumecs (8925 cusecs)


Type of spillway Overflow gated chute
Spillway gates Six radial gates 14.48 m x 12.344 m (each)
Maximum outflow through spillway 12,375 cumecs (4,37,000 Cusecs)

Power Plant

No. of Units 6
Installed capacity 396 MW
(6 x 66 MW)
Type of turbine Vertical shaft, Francis Type
Speed 166.7 r.p.m.
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