Bhakra Beas Management Board

Bhakra Beas Management Board



Meity, GOI is receiving many grievances related with digital payments, which are being addressed on priority basis. On analysis of past grievances, it has been observed that many fake agencies/individuals are involved in fraudulent practices, in the name of Government organisations. Some of the common modus operandi observed are as given:

a) Using name similar in Government schemes, with minor spelling change and operating “Phishing sites”.

b) Using the logo of Government schemes, photo of Hon’ble Prime Minister, Cabinet Minister etc. in their websites.

c) Providing link of Government websites, to display affiliation with Government.

d) Alluring citizens by promising Government jobs by issuing appointment letters on fake Government Letters an extorting money.

e) Misuse of Government schemes for fake allocation of Distributorship etc.

f) Specially targeting and building trap around latest announced Government schemes and incentives.

In one of the reported instance, e-gram Digital (website was misusing the Government Flagship Digital India Programme, for extorting money from citizens, across many states, for becoming State Partners and Distributors for fake scheme “Apka Angootha, Apka Bank” and duping citizens to make payments for biometric devices. In another instance, “PM Ujjwala Yojana” was misused for fake allotment of LPG Distributorship, via spurious website( It may be noted that there is one letter difference between “Ujjwala” and “Ujwala”. Similarly, fraudulent appointment letters were issued on the fake Government letterheads.

The citizens are therefore advised/cautioned for confirming the website address and cross-check the schemes on the Government website before taking action. In case of identification of any fake scheme, immediate action may be taken by informing the police and concerned organizations like National Internet Exchange of India(NIXI).

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