Bhakra Beas Management Board

Bhakra Beas Management Board

Achievements of BBMB

At the time of partition of India, about 80% of the irrigated area of Punjab went to West Pakistan leaving India with very meagre irrigation resources. Mighty Bhakra-Nangal and Beas Projects changed the scenario and turned Northern India into Granary of the Nation. Year after year, BBMB dams are saving downstream areas from floods. Even China’s Parchu lake bursted in 2005 was fully absorbed by Bhakra Dam with no adverse effect in the downstream area.

Power Generation:

Generation targets rigorously set by the CEA are being surpassed year after year. Generation during 2016-17 was 10634.41 Million Units against the target of 9536 Million Units i.e. 11.52% higher than the target. During the year 2017-18, Generation has been 10880.691 Million Units against the target of 9360 Million Units i.e. 16.25% higher than the target.

Record Availability of Machines:

Being the largest hydroelectric complex in the region, BBMB plays a vital role in the day to day operation of the northern grid. The BBMB powerhouses provide much needed peaking power to the grid thus enabling the thermal stations to work on base load.The powerhouses help in frequency regulation of the grid by flexing generation between 1900 MW and 2800 MW in summers and between 500 MW and 1900 MW during winters. The average annual plant availability of last 5 years (2013-2014 to 2017-2018) of BBMB powerhouses is around 97.51%. The transmission line availability is around 99%.

Almost every year during high silt conditions, large hydro power stations in the northern grid go under force shut-down putting the grid in a disturbed condition and BBMB bails out the grid from this vulnerable condition by injecting maximum power.

Contributing in stabilizing the frequency of the grid by scheduling the generation as low as 400MW and as high as 2500MW during the year 2017-18. Provides support of Black Start Operation in the grid through Bhakra. Helped in stabilizing the frequency of grid by placing generation between low as 400 MW and as high as 2500 MW during the year 2017-18.

Implementation of Integrated Management System(IMS)

Entire BBMB is already covered under QMS(ISO 9001)& EMS(ISO 14001). In an endeavour for continual improvement, BBMB has gone for acquiring new Health and Safety Management System certification i.e. OHSMS 18001 and simultaneously implemented IMS including QMS, EMS & OHSMS. Chief Engineer/System Operation and Board Secretariat has already been recommended by BIS for new OHSMS certifications under IMS implementation programme.

Electronic (E) Procurement

E-procurement has been implemented for procurements having threshold value of over Rs.10 lacs.

Integrity Pact

Integrity Pact has been implemented and two Independent External Monitors have been appointed with whom regular meetings are being held.

National Hydrology Project

World Bank aided National Hydrology Project for Real Time Decision Support System to facilitate optimum operation of reservoirs was successfully completed. This is first of its kind project in the country which will further improve and expand the water resources monitoring system, strengthen water resources operation and planning and will enhance institutional capacity for water resources management.

Under the aegis of Ministry of Water Resources , River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, Govt.of India the Ist International Conference on “Sustainable Water Management” was organized on 10th and 11th December,2018 in technical collaboration with Central Board of Irrigation and Power, Central Water commission supported by World Bank. Delegates from India and across the world participated in the conference. The conference provided interactive platform for eclectic brainstorming and sharing path breaking ideas & case studies in respect of flood and drought management, hydrology, e-flows, Inter -basin water transfer, Climate change, Intelligent support system, storage projects etc. to address pressing issues regarding sustainable management of water resources.

Supply of Water

The Bhakra Nangal and Beas Projects are harbinger of Green Revolution and White Revolution in the States of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. The States of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi are being supplied, on an average, about 34537.44 MCM (28 MAF) of water per year which irrigates 135 lac acres of land.

Renovation, Modernization and Uprating (R, M&U)

All the five units of Bhakra Right Bank powerhouse have been renovated, modernized and uprated from 120 MW to 157 MW each, resulting in an additional installed capacity of 185 MW and additional annual generation of 310 MU.

Commissioning of 175KWP, 100KWP, 60KWP, 20KWP & 80KWP Solar Power Plants

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy set the target date of 13 Oct.,2017 of Commissioning of 175KWP Solar Power Plant on the roof top of BBMB Secretariat Sector-19 and SLDC Building, Industrial Area, Chandigarh. This Solar Power Plant has been commissioned on 18th July, 2017 much before the target date.

BBMB, a pioneer in Hydro Electric Generation added another feather in its cap on 18.12.2018 by installing grid connected roof top solar power plant of total capacity of 100KWP at 220KWP Sub-station, Jalandhar and 60KWP at 220KWP sub-station, BBMB, Jamalpur.

Installing of 20KWP and 80KWP solar roof top PV plant have been also commissioned on 29.01.2019 at Control Room building of 220KV sub-staton at Narela and Punjabi Bagh, Delhi respectively.

Replacement of old transformer with Higher Rating New Transformer

BBMB has replaced old transformer at 220 KV sub-stations Dhulkot, Jagadhari and Jalandhar and commissioned with higher capacity new Power Transformers of rating 100MVA.

The commissioning of these three Power Transformers has helped in achieving the target 24x7 power supply initiative of the Ministry of Power, Govt. Of India and the people of these areas would get uninterrupted power supply.

Low Level Inspection

There are two irrigation tunnels (T-1 & T-2) in Pong Dam. Last time Low Level Tunnel inspection was done in the year 2010.

During the year 2017-18, the Low Level Inspection and Repair of irrigation tunnel T-2 of Pong Dam was carried out with in a record time of 20 days against the normal period schedule of 30 days. The maintenance of irrigation tunnel T-1 was planned and carried out during April, 2018.

Training Programme

During the year 2017-18, the training programme has benefited BBMB staff with 18580 training mandays against the target of 16000 mandays.

Information Technology (IT) Intitiative

Number of IT initiatives such as monitoring system for Pension, GPF Advacnce, Visitor pass Management System & MIS for Legal cases have been taken in recent past to bring in more efficiency in the organization.

BBMB has implemented e-office, a Mission Mode Project within the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) of GOI, for enhancing productivity, quality of service of transparency and for paper less digital system. It will help clear off all the paper based filing and approval system. e-Office system will increase efficiency of work, have great environmental benefits as it will eliminate physical files and use of paper in office working.

Radio Campaign

A Mobile Application of BBMB for empowering its employees and public, ‘Jan Shakti’ was inaugurated by Sh. Ajay Kumar Bhalla, Secretary (Power), Government of India on 2nd April 2018. This Mobile Application empowers employees by giving them access to their Salary, GPF/CPF, Personal & Official details, BBMB employees and public shall have access to technical information/data relating to Power & Irrigation Systems of BBMB i.e. project-wise generation details, reservoir levels, water releases, rainfall in catchment areas for the past many years will be accessible to users by use of this Mobile app.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism of Bhakra Beas Management Board

A well defined Grievance Redressal Mechanism exists in BBMB. Special Secretary, BBMB has been designated as Director/Grievances for Bhakra Beas Management Board as a whole. Further, BBMB has also appointed Grievance Officers of the rank of Superintending Engineer/Dy. Chief Accounts Officer at each Project station and Board office.

Awards won by BBMB during the year 2017, 2018 and 2019:

  • Conferred with two awards for "Best Performing Utility in Hydro Power Sector" and "Best Maintained Projects" in Water Resources Sector.
  • Won two National Awards for “Best State Nodal Officer Category” and “Best UT Level Nodal Officer Category” in National Level Painting Competition on 14.12.2018.
  • Won Best Hydro Power Generator Award.
  • Won three awards in implementation of Official Language.
  • Conferred with " Rajbhasha Kirti" Award on dated 14.09.2018
  • Won First Prize for its House Journal “ BBMB Samachar.
  • Sh.V.K.Kalra Member (Power) BBMB received "Bharat Jyoti Award"on 26.03.2018 from India International Friendship Society for Meritorious Services, Outstanding Performance & Remarkable Role.
  • Conferred with 1st Prize on 09.02.2018 for maximum use of Hindi Language in official work
  • Shri D.K.Sharma Chairman BBMB conferred with "National Level Award for Special Recognition & Contribution to the Indian Water & Power Sectors" on 03.01.2018.
  • Chairman BBMB awarded with most prestigious "National level Award to Bhakra Dam" on 03.01.2018.
  • Conferred with "National Gaurav Award-2017" in the category of Energy Generator on 16.12.2017.
  • Awarded the most prestigious National Level Award to 'Bhakra Dam', the Temple of Modern India, as "Best Maintained Project (Functional for more than 50 years)".
  • Chairman, BBMB has also been given national level award for "CBIP Special Recognition Award for Exceptional Leadership and Contribution to the Indian Water and Power Sectors".
  • Conferred with the “National Gaurav Award-2017" by Indian Brave Hearts, a certified ISO 9001:2018 NGO, for its achievement in the Category of Energy Generator.
  • Er.B.S.Sinhmar, Director/HRD awarded with 1st Prize at National Level for “Best State Level Nodal Officer Category”
  • Bhakra Dam Administration has been awarded First Prize by the Official Language Department, Ministry of Home affairs, Govt. of India for doing maximum official work in Hindi in "B" region.


BBMB excelled equally well in the field of sports and has created record by wining six National events i.e. Table Tennis, Cricket, Kabbadi, Volleyball, Athletic, Chess. No PSU has ever achieved so far. The national events were held under the aegis of Power Sports Control Board Tournament in the year 2017-18.

Power Sports Control Board, Delhi has awarded BBMB the best organiser award for conducting the Athletic Meet.

Tree Plantation

In line with its commitment to improve the environment and to plant more and more trees, a “Herbal Garden” in an area of 27 acres has been established by BBMB at Nangal.

BBMB planted 11,000 saplings in three hours under special plantation drive inaugurated by Secretary (Power), Govt. of India, Ministry of Power.

Modern Trends in the field of Transmission System

By state of Art Automation of 220KV Barnala Sub-station, BBMB joins the elite club of Power Utilities of India who have converted their conventional Substations into remote operated ones. This Barnala automated substation is being remotely operated from the premises of 220KV substation, Sangrur. Automation of Barnala Substation is the first step in respect of Smart substation automation solutions.

The benefits associated with the said project such as increased system reliability on account of quick fault analysis, safety of operation and maintenance staff, reduced down time, monitoring of operations of the sub-station at remote with the help of high-tech equipment etc.

Importance of Energy Conservation

BBMB under the aegis of Ministry of Power has the distinction of holding painting competition for two States of Punjab & Haryana and one UT, Chandigarh right from its inception in the year 2005. The aim of the painting competition is of sensitizing school children, their parents as well as teachers regarding energy conservation.

Government of India has enacted Energy Conservation Act- 2001 with the objective of providing necessary legal frame-work for promoting energy conservation measures in the country and to promote more efficient management of our scarce energy resources.

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