Bhakra Beas Management Board

Bhakra Beas Management Board

निविदा विस्तार


निविदा प्राधिकरण Sr. Executive Engineer, Operation & Maintenance Division, BBMB Jamalpur
निविदा का स्कोप E-NIT for Repair /Replacement of tile terracing (A,B & C Type quarters) at 220KV S/Stn BBMB Jamalpur
निविदा संदर्भ संख्या 01/2021-2022 BBMB Jamalpur Dated 05.05.2021
निविदा दस्तावेज जारी करने की अंतिम तिथि 25/06/2021 upto 17.00 Hrs
नियत तारीख / प्रस्ताव प्रस्तुत करने के लिए समय 05/07/2021 upto 14.30 Hrs
प्रस्ताव के उद्घाटन की तिथि / समय 05/072021 from 15.30 Hrs
निविदा शुल्क ( रुपये / $) Rs. 1000/- GST @ 18% = 1180
बयाना जमा राशि ( रु । / $) 14300/-
संचार के लिए पता Sr. Executive Engineer,
Operation & Maintenance Division,
BBMB Jamalpur

नियम एवं शर्तें :

Basic details:


Event ID:



Reference No:

E-NIT No. 01/2021-2022 BBMB Jamalpur Dated 05.05.2021



CE/TS BBMB SLDC Complex Sector-28 Chandigarh


Department officer:

Er. Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Sr. Xen/O&M/BBMB Jamalpur


Brief scope of work:

E-NIT for Repair /Replacement of tile terracing (A,B & C Type quarters) at  220KV S/Stn BBMB Jamalpur




                       The tender document (specification) shall be allowed to download to those interested bidders who fulfill the following Pre-Qualifying conditions. The documents meeting the requisite Pre-Qualifying conditions to be submitted by the bidder must reach the office of Sr. Xen O&M Divn. BBMB, Jamalpur (Ludhiana) before 17: 00 Hrs of dated 25.05.2021


                     The reputed, financially sound and eligible contractors as below, duly registered with the State / Central PWD, Railway, MES and other such Public Sectors Enterprises, Autonomous bodies, Municipal Corporations /Councils / Committees etc. in the respective class who have the experience and capacity of handling the work of such magnitude need only to give tender duly supported with the works handled by them.

                       The Labour and Co-operative (L&C) Societies must also produce a certificate duly numbered and signed by the registered Co-operative Society to show that:-

(a) The society is in existence and holds good reputation and there is no complaint against it.

(b) Financial capacity of the society for execution of the work.

(c)  The society should produce list of works executed by them in BBMB, State / Central PWD, Railway, MES and other such Public Sector enterprises and a certificate from the concerned office regarding the satisfactory performance.

(d) After the acceptance of Pre-qualification, the tender documents can be had/ downloaded up to 12:00 hrs. Dated 04.06.2021from the official website http// at the cost of Rs.1000 /- +18% GST (nonrefundable Tender Document fee) in shape of Demand Draft or BA/16 in favour of Accounts Officer (P), BBMB, Jamalpur (Ludhiana) and consent letter of Sr. Xen/O&M/Divn. BBMB Jamalpur stating the successful fulfilling the pre-qualification criteria.

     The Documents to be submitted for the pre-qualification are:-


1.     Latest Income Tax Return / PAN copy 


2.     Partnership deed or Registration certification of the firm or Company as the case may be.


3.     Copy of valid enlistment of contractor in the respective Class from State / Central PWD, Railway, MES and other such Public Sectors Enterprises. etc. for Civil  Building /Alterations  work and similar work .

4.     Power of Attorney as required under rule for joint venture.


5.     List of works executed and / or in progress with cost from BBMB, state/Central PWD, Railway, MES and other such public sector enterprises, autonomous Bodies, Municipal Corporations/Councils/ Committees ,  etc. for similar works.


6.     GST Registration, as applicable.


7.     Experience (a)  Average Annual financial turnover during the last 3 years, ending 31st   March of the  previous financial year, should be at least Rs.1425451/-(i.e. Estimated Amount)


(b)  Experience of having successfully completed similar supplies to any Govt/ Semi Govt. Department or Central/ State Power Utility during Last 07 Years of value of (i) three orders of 40% of the estimated amount. OR (ii) Two Orders of  50% of the estimated amountOR (iii) one order of 80% of the estimated amount during last seven  years ending last day of the month previous to the one in which bids are invited.


The bidder must have to submit the performance certificates indicating successful performance of the work done by him from any Govt./ semi Govt. department or Central/ state Power Utility and it should be signed by the officer not below the rank of Executive Engineer  or Equivalent officer.



8.     The Contractor/ L&C society should have not blacklisted by any State/ Centre Govt Department, MES, Railways, PSEB etc.   

9.     e-Reverse Auction

e-Reverse Auction will be carried out in current NIT under the framework of BBMB rules after opening of price bid. Bidders who are technically qualified and submit the prescribed undertaking to the BBMB can participate in e-Reverse Auction of the work  for which NIT is floated. Participation in e-Reverse Auction is mandatory for all eligible bidders. Any bidder not willing to submit such an undertaking shall be disqualified for further participation in respect of works in current NIT.     




1.      The Purchaser reserves the right in respect of the following without assigning any reasons whatsoever:-

a)        increase or decrease the above stated minimum pre-qualification requirements should the circumstances warrant for such a change in the overall interest of the Board, or,

b)        amend the scope of work, or,

c)        reject or accept any for reasons of not submitting request according to stipulated instructions including national defence or security consideration or wrong declaration or misconduct or factual incorrectness in submitted data/ documents, or,

d)     cancel the process and reject any/all application(s)

2.      The Purchaser will neither be liable for any such actions without recourse to appeal nor be under any obligation to inform the Applicant of the grounds for his decision.

3.      Purchaser reserves the right to cross-check/ascertain/scrutinize the documentary evidences furnished by them along with their request, at any stage or request for any additional information/ documents; from any or all Applicant(s).

4.      Allowing of the Applicants to participate in further tendering process shall not be construed that they have fulfill  the prescribed eligibility criteria as laid down in NIT as they shall have to meet with other requirements stipulated in Tender Document.

Notwithstanding anything stated above, the Purchaser reserves the right to inspect the manufacturing Works & Installations etc. at any stage to assess Applicant’s capability to perform and execute the requisite scope of work, should the circumstances warrant such an assessment in the overall interest of the Purchaser.




Product/service/work keywords:

Civil works






EMD, Technical Bid & Price Bid


Bid validity period (in days) :

120 days


Type of contract:

Civil Works


Project duration/delivery or completion period:



Download document:

After Meeting the PQ Criteria and deposition of document fees.


Event value/ Estimate Amount:



Bid submission configuration:


Bid evaluation:

Bid Total Wise


Mode of bid submission:



Bidding access:



Base currency:



Bidding type:

National competitive bidding



Not Allowed


Bid withdrawal:

Not Allowed


Key configuration:


Bidding variant:




Pre-bid meeting:

Don''''''''t allow


Question / Answer requires:



Dates configuration:


Document downloading start date & time:

­­­­­­­06.05.2021from 10.00 hours


Document downloading end date  & time:

25.06.2021 upto 17.00 hours


Bid submission start date  & time:

07.05.2021from 10.00 hours


Bid submission end date  & time:

05.07.2021upto 14.30 hours


Bid opening date  & time:

05.07.2021 from 15.30 hours onward


Document /

 / Security fee detail:


Document fees:



Mode of document fees payment:



Document fees amount:

Rs.1000/- + GST @ 18%= Rs 1180/-


Document fees payable at:

Demand draft in favour of Account Officer(P) BBMB Jamalpur payable at State Bank of India, Treasury Branch Ludhiana. Demand Draft is to be summited in the office of Sr XEN/O&M Division BBMB, Jamalpur, Ludhiana.



Allow As Below


Mode of EMD payment:



EMD amount:

Rs.14300/-(Fourteenthousand & Three Hundred only)


EMD payable at:

Earnest Money in the Shape of Demand draft in favour of Account Officer(P) BBMB Jamalpur payable at State Bank of India, Treasury Branch  Ludhiana must be submitted at the following address before opening of the tender


Sr XEN/O&M Division

Bhakra Beas Management Board,

220KV Substation Chandigarh Road,

Jamalpur, Ludhiana (PB)   141010


Information for Online Participation

  • Bidders who wish to participate in online tenders will have to register with the website through the "New user Registration" link provided on the home page. Bidder will create login id & password on their own in registration process.

      The Annual vendor / contractor registration charges to be charged from the Vendors for participating in the tenders floated by BBMB shall be Rs. 4000/- excluding taxes. The following facilities shall have to be provided to the vendors registered for participating in the e-tendering process.

(i)        Digital Signature Certificate issued by approved certifying authority.

(ii)       Hardware token to store the Digital Signature.

(iii)      Training to the Vendor/Contractor for participating in the bids through e-tendering Website.

(iv)      24x7, 365 days call center support/ email/ phone/ fax/ chat / mobile etc. in all possible medium.

(v)       Registration with the e-tendering website.

(vi)      Vendors/Contractors shall be permitted to participate in any other e-tender on the service provider''''''''s website for any other organization to whom the services are being provided.

(vii)     User Manual/ Training Kit to the Vendor/ Contractor.

(viii)    Any no. of users of Vendor/ Contractor organization can take training on the e-tendering system.

  • Bidder who wish to participate in this tender needs to procure Digital Signature Certificate as per Information Technology Act-2000 using that they can digitally sign their electronic bids. Bidders can procure the same from any or the CCA approved certifying agencies or they may contact e-Procurement Technologies Ltd. at below mentioned address and they will assist them in procuring the same. Bidders who already have a valid Digital Signature Certificate need not to procure the same. In case bidders need any clarification regarding online participation, they can contact,

e-Procurement Technologies Ltd.
Corporate Office:
Address : A-201/208, Wall Street - 2, Opp. Orient Club,
Nr. Gujarat College, Ellis Bridge,
Ahmedabad - 380006, Gujarat (INDIA)

Digital Certificate Contacts

Contact Person: DSC Team
Cell No:+91-9099090830
Phone Nos. : +91-

e-Mail :

Support Team Contacts

Contact Person: Mr. Rajeev Kumar
Cell: +91-9265562839
Phone Nos. : +91-9265562839/30
e-Mail :

Bidder who wish to participate in e-Tender need to fill data in predefined forms of Price bid available in respective tender only. After filling data in predefined forms bidders need to click on final submission link to submit their encrypted bid. Bidder need to submit Document Fees, EMD & Reference Documents in hard copy if such instruction is given by tendering authority. As Per the new Inter-operability guidelines released by Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), the Secured Socket Layer (SSL) certificate for a e-procurement application is generated on a new algorithm, SHA2.

Also, the Digital Certificates that will be applicable for these platforms have to be SHA2 algorithm complaint. For the same, the users have to ensure that they have Windows7 or latest installed in their respective PC/Laptop.



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